Mica Tubing

Mica is superior to lesser alternative insulating tubing for several reasons:

  • Its not brittle like ceramic tubing which cracks with vibration

  • Its high temperature rating 500 to 550 C

  • Its readily available even in custom sizes unlike glass polyester tubing. All Cleveland Mica Co. tubing is manufactured in the USA

The versatility of our mica manufacturing process allows us to make the unusual and complex tubing shapes, oval, square, rectangular or even large cylinder tubing to meet your deadlines. From prototype to production we're easy to work with and our experience in Mica will help accomplish your goals and meet NEMA requirements.

Mica Washers/Punched Parts

An economical and short run alternative to costly custom phenolic washers, Mica is your best answer for a high dielectric and dependable insulator. Replace untrustworthy plastic components with high temperature and safe Mica. We make our own tooling to produce your design or take advantage of our extensive list of standard washers. Natural Mica, Mica Paper, and extra thick washers and spacers are no problem!

Commutator Insulation/Rings

At the heart of a reliable motor is the copper/steel commutator. Always specified for the difficult application, military and aircraft. Cleveland Mica's experience from mold construction to close tolerance angles and walls sets us apart from our competitors in the field. When you need a commutator that must work the first and every time why trust second best?

Mica Rings are available in S- Z- and traditional V- shapes. Fractional horsepower up to 11" sizes are made in one piece. Tight angles, and large sectional rings are available to your dimensional specifications and systems.

Molding/Flexible/Segment Plate

Resin systems at Cleveland Mica Co. are designed to meet and exceed your insulating requirements. Constant in process controls and certifiable. Highly moldable, highly flexible and extremely rigid plate are all available. Our mold plate is 'B' staged so that you can heat and form at your company location. Flexible mica can be wrapped around tight corners and radii. Segment mica is rigid and extremely hard. Used for punched commutator segments and superior insulating washers, gaskets and seals.

When close tolerance is not critical specify heater plate instead of segment. We provide a wide range of bond choices. Applications are always matched by the right mica sheet product by our sales staff.