Custom MICA Manufacturing

At Cleveland MICA we can customize MICA to many forms of applications that are up to NEMA standards, tell us what you want application and let our engineers do the work.


The versatility of our mica manufacturing process allows us to make the unusual and complex tubing shapes

Types of Forms
  • Tubes
  • Bushings


MICA is widely used as a reinforcing filler and extender in composite plastic polymer systems because of its functional surface characteristics.

Types of Composite MICA
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Steel parts
  • Resins


At Cleveland MICA we can customize your order to any kind of application that you may need.

Types of Custom MICA
  • Automotive Insulation
  • Industrial Locomotive parts

MICA Manufacturing

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Mica is your best answer for a high dielectric and dependable insulator. Replace untrustworthy plastic components with high temperature and safe Mica.

Types of Stamping
  • Washers
  • Electric Insulators


MICA can be in a molten state and molded to make materials.

Types of Molding
  • Flexible Plates
  • Segmented Plates


Here at Cleveland MICA, what we don’t stock we can manufacture. Our stock includes the following:

  • MICA Rolls
  • MICA Sheets